Conference Camera

Experience the power of seamless communication and collaboration with the FoMaKo 20× Optics Zoom USB PTZ camera, designed specifically for middle to large conference settings. This state-of-the-art camera brings a new level of sophistication to your meetings, ensuring every participant is seen and heard with crystal clear precision.

The FoMaKo PTZ camera boasts a 20× optical zoom, allowing for detailed close-ups even in expansive conference rooms. Its pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities ensure comprehensive coverage, capturing every angle and every participant with ease.

But the FoMaKo PTZ camera is more than just a camera. It's a tool for effective communication. With its USB connectivity, it integrates seamlessly with your existing conference system, enabling smooth live streaming and recording.

The camera also supports manual and auto focus control, ensuring sharp, high-quality images at all times. Its advanced menu settings allow for customization of IP address, DHCP, white balance, resolution, and control protocol, providing you with the flexibility to tailor the camera's performance to your specific needs.

In a world where effective communication is key, the FoMaKo 20× Optics Zoom USB PTZ camera is your partner in achieving productive and engaging conferences. Choose FoMaKo, and experience the difference in your meetings.

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Since being founded in 2016, FoMaKo® has become one of the world's leading and most innovative designers and manufacturers of 4K NDI HDMI PTZ Camera for professional Live Streaming and live production industrial use. Accept OEM/ODM orders. Distributor, Agent Wanted. Contact us Today!
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