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4K Video Bar, All-in-One Video sound bar, ePTZ, AI Auto-Framing
FMK460-4K OEM ODM 4K USB Video Bar All-in-One TV PC Video sound bar ePTZ AI Auto-Framing conference camera
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FoMaKo 4K Video Bar All-in-One TV PC Video sound bar audio and video integrated ePTZ AI Auto-Framing conference camera USB plug-and-play 3-in-1 Camera FMK460

4K UHD, large viewing angle without distortion, voice tracking, intelligent framing, electric privacy cover, audio and video integration

With all-in-one design, FMK460 has 4K UHD camera, microphone array, high fidelity speaker and electric privacy cover. With powerful functions like face recognition, voice localization, voice tracking, and intelligent noise reduction, FMK460 could automatically adjust the image size according to the number of participants to present the optimal frame. It can also detect the speaker position in real time and lock the target while having a close-up, which allows users to have hands-free operation.  FMK460 has 6 array microphone composed of MEMS microphones, and it can also be matched with external cascading microphone, plus advanced 3A audio algorithm, you will have an exceptional full-duplex communication experience. 

The built-in linear microphone array composed of 6 MEMS microphones can also be matched with cascadable expansion microphones. With the advanced 3A audio algorithm, the directional pickup is clearer and brings a 6-meter full-duplex high-quality call experience.

Product Features                        

1. Integrated Design: Built in 4K UHD camera, microphone array, high fidelity speaker and electric privacy cover 

2. Ultra HD: FMK460 adopts 8 M high quality CMOS image sensor, able to capture 4K ultra HD image to present true-to-life image, bringing excellent image resolution and clarity. 

3. Distortion-less Wide Angle Lens:  120° wide angle with no distortion lens allows every participant is on the frame with no need to adjust the camera. 

4. Automatically Privacy Cover: Privacy cover will automatically close to ensure the privacy security. Microphone Array: Built in 6 array microphone enable speaker can be tracked in real time. FMK460 break the distance limitation to provide virtual meeting as if you are there. 

5. Built in Speaker: Built in dual 10W high quality studio speaker, ensuring every participant can hear and be heard clearly. 

6. Audio Processing: The audio processing algorithm adopts high-fidelity 48K audio sampling rate, lossless audio transmission technology, supports AEC, AGC, ANS processing, bringing high-quality calls of 6 meters full duplex; 

7. Auto Framing: Built in face detection algorithm, automatically detect participant and provide optimal framing. 

8. Bluetooth 5.0: Connect mobile phone and other devices through Bluetooth to be used as Bluetooth speaker and microphone. 

9. Low Noise and High SNR: Low noise CMOS ensure the ultra SNR of image. The advanced 2D, 3D noise reduction technology further reduce the noise while ensuring the image clarity. 

10. Powerful Compatibility: Compatible with Windows7, windows10, Mac OS 10.10 or higher system, applicable to major cloud-based video conference platforms.



120°D/106°H/ 72°V



Focal Length


Digital Zoom



High quality CMOS sensor, effective pixel 8 million, 16:9


Minimum Illumination









Parameter can be adjusted, and AE(Auto Exposure) is available

Video Adjustment

Brightness, sharpness, saturation, contrast, white balance, gain, anti-flicker, low brightness compensation and other parameters can be adjusted



Video Format

HDMI4KP30,1080P60 compatible downward
USB4KP30,1080P60 compatible downward

Video Compression Format

MJPEG, YUY2, H.264, H.265, NV12

Privacy Cover

Automatic privacy cover will close when no image output and open when there are image output.



6 X MEMS Microphones

Pickup Distance

6 meters 

Frequency Response

120 Hz–16 kHz



Built in dual speaker



Output Voice Pressure

80±3 dB 1.0M/1.0W

Frequency Response

100 Hz-20 KHz

Audio Processing


Group Framing

Automatically adjust the screen size according to the number of participants to present the best framing

Speaker Tracking

Track each speaker in real time, and ensure that the speaker is in the center of the screen.

Remote Control

Infrared remote control


USB3.0 audio video output interfaceType C
Support UVC1.1, UAC1.0 and higher


HDMI video output interface
HDMI also compatible with HDMI2.0 standard


3.5mm audio line input interface (when an external pickup is connected, the audio input is automatically switched to the external pickup)


3.5mm line output, can be connected to external speakers (when connecting to external speakers, the audio output will automatically switch to external speakers)

Expansion Mic Interface

RJ45 interface, able to connect to expansion microphone.

Power Interface

HEC3800 power socket (DC12V), input AC110V-AC220V output DC12V/2.5A

Bar-shaped Indicator

While displaying the working status, it can also be lit where the speaker's voice comes from.

Bluetooth 5.0

Can be connected to a mobile phone or other device via Bluetooth as a Bluetooth microphone and speaker

Available System

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS X, Linux, Android

Supply power through power adapter

Storage Temperature


Storage Humidity


Working Temperature


Working Humidity




Walling Mount

Comes with walling mount bracket. While mounting, the camera need to be as close to the wall as possible.


Comes with desktop mounting bracket

Installed on Monitor

Bracket for monitor installation(optional)

Phone/WhatsApp: 008615089280139


Address: Shenzhen, China

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