Experience the power of professional-grade live streaming with the FoMaKo PTZ Camera. This camera is not just a device, but a game-changer in the world of live streaming, education, worship services, and more.

The FoMaKo PTZ Camera offers a 20x Optical Zoom, allowing you to capture every detail from a distance, making it perfect for large venues like churches or educational institutions. The 3G-SDI IP Live Streaming feature ensures high-quality, real-time video transmission without any lag, providing your audience with a seamless viewing experience.

One of the standout features of this camera is its ability to reproduce True to Life Colors. This means your viewers will see the scene just as you do, enhancing their viewing experience and making your content more engaging and realistic.

The camera also supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), which simplifies the setup by reducing the need for separate power and data cables. This makes the FoMaKo PTZ Camera an easy-to-install solution for any location.

Moreover, it's compatible with popular streaming software like vMix, OBS, and Wirecast, making it a versatile choice for various streaming needs.

In a world where the quality of your video can make or break your content, the FoMaKo PTZ Camera is the reliable, high-quality choice that will set your content apart. Choose FoMaKo PTZ Camera, and bring your content to life.

FoMaKo PTZ Camera,  HDMI PTZ Camera,  NDI Camera
Successful Cases of Educational Cameras

Educational Camera

FoMaKo PTZ Camera,  HDMI PTZ Camera,  NDI Camera
30× Optics Zoom Live Streaming Camera for Broadcasting Classroom

Live Broadcasting Classroom

FoMaKo PTZ Camera,  HDMI PTZ Camera,  NDI Camera
FoMaKo 20× Optics Zoom USB PTZ camera for middle-large conference camera

Conference Camera

FoMaKo PTZ Camera,  HDMI PTZ Camera,  NDI Camera
20× Optics Zoom Live Streaming HDMI PTZ Camera for Church live service

Church Camera

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