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Switchboard Control Panel, control Vmix software, for easier to control Blackmagic ATEM switcher
FoMaKo KC700 Switchboard Control Panel Keyboard for Vmix software, Blackmagic ATEM switcher
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One device for two purposes, can support ATEM series devices and vMix software control, support button customization.

- Multi-function switchboard control panel, ideal for audio and video live broadcasting system, audio and video recording system.

- Connected to ATEM switchers by LAN, and compatible with ATEM Software Control.

- 12 channels live streaming switcher, and supports 12 channels PGM +12 channels PVW live streaming switch.

- 40 physical buttons are integrated on control panel for switching of channels and effects.

- Built-in audio adjustment function, and up to 5 channels’ audio volume can be adjusted by 5 knobs integrated on the control panel.

- Easy connection, and only 1 network cable is needed to connect ATEM equipment with PC; Optional USB mode or IP mode for docking with vMix.

- Stylish appearance, anodized aluminum alloy panel, and can be adapted to various environments.

- Tally function, and supports 24 channels Tally signals (12 channels PGM +12 channels PVW) outputs by DB25 interface.

  1. vMix switch ATEM Controller
    Video Mixer Switcher
    Live Production Switcher
    Live Stream Switcher
    HDMI Live Switcher
    ATEM Controller
    Video Mixer Switcher
    TV Broadcasting Equipment
    12 channels Radio Studio Equipment


1.Our company does not provide Blackmagic ATEM Switcher/vMix equipment or software, and Customers need to buy related products by themselves;

2.Our company only sells switchboard control panel;

3.This switchboard control panel only provides quick operations for Blackmagic ATEM switchers /vMix software, but cannot implement function that Switchers do not have;

4. Our company will provide you a file of a well-defined key function template for you to import into vMix software when you purchase this product, customers can also redefine key function according to your own needs, for specific definition of key functions, you can refer to: Add key shortcuts;

5.To learn more about the functions of ATEM / vMix software, please download its related product manuals from Blackmagic's official website, which will help you better understanding the application of this switchboard control panel .

Packing:45*28*15cm, 2KG

4pcs/box,51×33×54cm 10KG/box

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Address: Shenzhen, China

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