How to Add FoMaKo Cameras to Your Network

FoMaKo Cameras are deep optimized. Normally, you don’t need download any software or do any settings in your computer to add the camera to your network, plug and play , very easy to setup.

(This instruction works for FMK12SDI FMK12SD-G FMK20SDI FMK20SDI-G KN20A KN20AG KN30A KN30A-G KN12A KN12A-G)


  • FoMaKo PTZ IP Streaming cameras
  • Computer
  • Router or Switch
  • RJ45 Network cables
  • HDMI Cables
  • HDMI TV or HDMI monitor

We high recommend you get a router into your PTZ live streaming system, even if the router doesn’t connect to internet. It will make your PTZ Live Streaming system become much more easier, because router will assign IP addresses for all devices in the local network.

Network Connection:

Please connect all devices to the router or switch by RJ45 network, and switch must connect to the same router.
If your computer uses WiFi signal, the WiFi signal must be come from the same router too.
(Tips: if your router or switch support PoE, your cameras don’t need to use power adapter)

Display Device Connection:

Use HDMI cable connect camera to HDMI TV or HDMI monitor, cameras’ video will show on screen.
(Notice: please don’t use HDMI connect camera to computer/laptop, because all HDMI ports on computer/laptop only have video out function, don’t have video in function)
 Press “menu” button on remote control ->Network , you will see network settings.
FoMaKo cameras opened DHCP by default, You can see the camera’s IP address which assigned by router.

Visit Camera’s webpage settings:
Now, you can visit camera’s webpage by camera’s ip address.
Recommend to use Google Chrome Web browser.
When this page comes up, means you add the camera to the network successfully.

Default User Name: admin
Default Password: admin

Tips: when add cameras to your network successfully, recommend to disable DHCP for the cameras. Otherwise ,when your router, or camera rebooted, router will assign new ip address for the camera, then you need find the camera’s ip address again.

Two methods to disable camera’s DHCP:
Method One:
Go to camera’s menu -> Network settings -> DHCP: Off
Method Two:
Go to camera’s webpage -> Network Configure ->Ethernet -> don’t check DHCP

If you would like to keep DHCP on, please use FoMaKo IP search tool to search FoMaKo Cameras IP address, it is more faster than go to camera’s menu to check ip address.

FoMaKo IP Search tool download(for Windows OS only):


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